Monday, June 16, 2008

Wooden Picnic Tables

Do you love the classic beauty of wooden picnic tables, but you need the strength and durability of commercial outdoor furniture? You can meet both of those objectives when you choose commercial wooden picnic tables from Furniture Leisure. These wooden picnic tables are the perfect package of attractiveness, longevity and cost effectiveness. Come explore Furniture Leisure’s online catalog and see how they can meet your needs and respect your budget.

Wooden picnic tables from Furniture Leisure are available in a range of sizes and styles. You can choose 6, 8 or even 12 foot long tables or if you prefer, there are square tables available as well. You have the option of choosing bolted or welded models. Most of these tables offer beautiful yellow Southern pine tops and seats, and all of them feature frames constructed of galvanized high strength steel tube. There is even a table designed for surface mounting. These wooden picnic tables are crafted with sturdy cross braces and center mounted cleats to keep your tabletop level and secure. They are tip resistant and built to give you many years of service, even with heavy usage.

Wooden picnic tables are the perfect solution in many outdoor areas. They are an excellent choice for outdoor break areas or playgrounds. These tables will work flawlessly in parks, schoolyards or campgrounds. They are also available to individuals who desire the quality of commercial outdoor furniture in their own yards. No matter what area you are thinking of furnishing with wooden picnic tables, Furniture Leisure has the tables you need.

You will probably need other items besides your wooden picnic tables to complete your outdoor space. At Furniture Leisure, you’ll find all the outdoor furniture you need. Choose trash receptacles, outdoor commercial grills, park benches or bicycle racks to add even more functionality to your space. There are also different types of picnic tables, coordinating umbrellas, planters, pool furniture and a bevy of other articles available from Furniture Leisure. Find wooden picnic tables and so much more at

Would you like to have some references for Furniture Leisure? Why not check with some of their many satisfied customers, like General Motors or the Square D Corporation. Furniture Leisure also works with the United States Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. You’ll find outdoor furniture from Furniture Leisure at universities, schools, parks and churches around the country. Clients from Florida to Alaska have confidently purchased their outdoor furniture from Furniture Leisure. No matter how large the customer, or how small, Furniture Leisure’s number one goal is to provide them each with 100% customer satisfaction.
Furniture Leisure has been a leader in the outdoor furniture industry for more than 20 years. They have worked hard to earn their excellent reputation. They also pride themselves on being an environmentally responsible manufacturer. When your are investing in wooden picnic tables or any other outdoor furniture, turn with confidence to Furniture Leisure. Don’t settle for less than the best. Visit and you’ll be sold.

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