Monday, June 16, 2008

Frames for Picnic Tables

Are you considering furnishing an outdoor area and you have the ability to construct picnic tabletops and seats yourself? Would you prefer to buy just the picnic table frames instead of complete picnic tables? You can do that when you shop with Furniture Leisure, Inc. Furniture Leisure has been in business for over twenty years and their goal is one hundred percent customer satisfaction. If you want picnic table frames, Furniture Leisure offers you the best quality and the best prices on attractive, well-constructed frames to suit your needs.

Furniture Leisure provides durable galvanized steel tube picnic table frames in 6, 8, or 12-foot lengths. These frames are sturdily constructed using either 1-5/8 inch O.D. galvanized high strength tube or 2 3/8 inch galvanized high strength steel tube. You may choose a frame that is a bolt on style or a welded style. All the proper hardware is included to attach tops securely so they will remain level and offer a strong, stable surface. Cross braces and seat brackets are designed and engineered to make sure your tables aren’t going to be tippy. When you finish these tables with your own tops and seats, you will be well pleased with the quality pieces you have constructed. Why not visit and take a look at all five picnic table frames that are available? Prices start as low as $135.95 for frames that will last for many years to come.

You’ll find more than just picnic table frames at Furniture Leisure, too. Select from a wide range of other outdoor furniture and accessories, including complete picnic and dining tables, pool furniture, commercial outdoor grills, trash receptacles, bike racks and much more. There’s even portable bleachers available from the online catalogue you’ll find at Go ahead. Explore your options. You’ll soon discover Furniture Leisure offers the rare combination of the best quality, selection and prices, all in one place.

Furniture Leisure is a true leader in the commercial outdoor furniture industry. They have been setting the manufacturing standards for over two decades and have leagues of satisfied customers to prove it. You’ll find furniture made by Furniture Leisure from coast to coast. Their customers include giant corporations like General Motors and Square D, universities from Florida to California and the U.S. Military. City governments, churches and the Boy Scouts have chosen Furniture Leisure as the company with which they want to do business. Even private individuals who chose the durability and longevity of commercial outdoor furniture for their own homes are part of Furniture Leisure’s satisfied circle of customers.

Furniture Leisure is also proud that that they are an environmentally responsible company. Many of their products are manufactured using recycled materials and they strive to make every aspect of their production as eco-friendly as possible. They understand the importance of protecting our environment and preserving our natural resources. Isn’t that the kind of company with which you want to work? Whether you are looking for picnic table frames with superior strength and durability, long lasting outdoor furniture for your own yard, or enough furniture to cover acres of ground, you’ll find exactly what you need at Furniture Leisure. Visit and you’ll be sold.

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