Friday, June 20, 2008

Recycled Plastic Furniture

We all know how important it is to do everything we can to help protect our planet. One way you can help is by buying commercial grade recycled plastic furniture the next time you are in the market for outdoor furnishings. Commercial grade recycled plastic furniture from Furniture Leisure is not only environmentally friendly, it is extremely attractive and a wise investment. Find exactly what you need to create a beautiful, functional outdoor space and still be kind to the environment at Furniture Leisure’s online catalogue.

Do you need
rocking chairs for the verandah of your bed and breakfast? What about dining tables or bar sets to go poolside? Maybe you are shopping for deck chairs or chaise lounges for a spa resort? Even if you are looking for commercial quality furniture for your own back yard, you’ll find the perfect solution to your needs at Furniture Leisure. This recycled plastic furniture is built with quality in mind. Despite the weather and heavy usage, your furniture will hold up beautifully for years to come. It won’t peel, fade, crack or warp. It’s UV resistant and never requires painting. This furniture is also amazingly easy to clean. Just spray it with a hose or wipe it with a damp rag. Even if vandals attempt to spray paint your furniture, you’ll discover that most spray paints can easily be removed with just a standard industrial cleaner.

Any outdoor space will be complimented by the stylish designs available now at Furniture Leisure. You can select from Adirondack styles, nautical styles or classically traditional designs. Choose a single chair or entire
seating ensembles, many available in a bouquet of colors. There are even colorful recycled plastic cushions you can add to make your recycled plastic furniture extra comfortable and attractive. The colorful cushions are made with 2 inch thick foam pads and covered in sun resistant acrylic fabrics to keep them bright and pretty.

When you choose Furniture Leisure, you choose to join an enormous group of satisfied customers located from coast to coast. From Florida to Alaska and California to Maine, you’ll find Furniture Leisure products in parks, restaurants, universities, health care facilities and at countless other locations. Their customers include the U.S. Military, the Boy Scouts, General Motors and municipal governments. No matter how large or how small, though, every customer is special to the people at Furniture Leisure. They are determined that each customer will receive exceptional customer service and 100 percent satisfaction. Those are just a few of the reasons Furniture Leisure has been a leader in the commercial outdoor furniture industry for more than 20 years.

When it is time for you to make purchasing decisions regarding outdoor furniture, please be kind to your environment and explore the possibilities of plastic recycled furniture from Furniture Leisure. You won’t have to sacrifice style, durability or your budget to get excellent furniture and do your part to promote environmental responsibility. Furniture Leisure offers you a large selection of plastic recycled outdoor furniture, plus all the accessories to complete your outdoor space. Coordinating umbrellas, trash receptacles, park benches and more are all waiting for your approval at Furniture Leisure. Don’t settle for less than the best. Visit
Furniture Leisure and you’ll be sold.

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