Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Modern Wicker and Cushion Patio Furniture

One of the newest styles for outdoor furniture is synthetic wicker and cushion patio furniture. Do you think all commercial outdoor furniture has to look utilitarian? If so, you haven’t visited Furniture Leisure. Furniture Leisure, a long time leader in the commercial outdoor furniture industry, has a selection of wicker and cushioned outdoor furniture from telescope that will look…and last…beautifully in any setting.

Everyone loves the charm and grace of wicker furniture. Now you can own all weather
resin wicker that will bring that charm and comfort to your home or place of business. You will be amazed by the durability and comfort offered by the new wicker collection from Furniture Leisure. The premium wicker material is meticulously woven over a sturdy aluminum frame, making it strong and durable for years to come. Furniture Leisure is so confident in the quality of their resin wicker, they offer a three year wicker fiber warranty. It’s even available in a choice of four colors, including rustic white. You’ll love the comfortable cushions as well. These deep cushions are covered in water-resistant Sunbrella fabrics and are available in an array of coordinating colors. The wicker collection from Furniture Leisure allows you to mix and match loveseats, arm chairs and rockers. There’s even an ottoman available for the comfort of your guests. Why not take a look at the entire group here?

Take a look at the classic Kennedy rocker for your outdoor furniture collection. Furniture Leisure offers a handsome traditionally styled Kennedy rocker that is virtually maintenance free. Built from recycled plastic, this chair gives you the look of wood with none of the work or worry. This rocker will never crack, chip or splinter. You’ll never have to sand or paint it, either. The comfortable seat and back look like woven wicker, but are actually made from a long lasting synthetic material. Kennedy rocking chairs are an excellent addition to any porch or verandah and will always make your guests feel right at home.

You’ll also want to take a look at Furniture Leisure’s beautiful Bella Lucca collection. This group offers gracefully styled cast frames and ultra comfortable cushions that rest on suspended straps. You can select from three cushion sofas, arm chairs, swivel rockers and ottomans, all available in your choice of frame and cushion colors.

Get the look and comfort of cushioned commercial grade outdoor furniture at a value price when you make your choice from Furniture Leisure’s Aruba collection. These sleek, powder coated stackable frames are available in several colors and are built to last. The deep, plush cushions are fastened to the frames with Velcro so they won’t slip and slide and are supported by sturdy vinyl straps. The slightly higher back of the Aruba collection ensures comfort and adds to the good looks of this contemporary group.

Whether you are searching for commercial grade outdoor furniture for your home or business, you are sure to find the looks, quality and value at Furniture Leisure. Their many satisfied customers, ranging from government agencies and giant corporations to small business and individual homeowners, will agree that choosing Furniture Leisure to meet their outdoor furniture needs was a wise decision. Look at
our store to find the wicker and cushion furniture that is right for you.

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