Monday, June 16, 2008

Plastic Coated Picnic Tables

We all know commercial grade outdoor furniture should be rugged, dependable, and able to withstand hard use and the elements of nature. But can it also be attractive? It can when you buy it from Furniture Leisure. If you are looking for commercial grade picnic tables, you’ll find a wide selection at If you want to feel confident when you invest in outdoor picnic tables, explore the superior products offered by Furniture Leisure.

Furniture Leisure is a leader in the outdoor furniture industry, not only because they produce quality products, but also because they are committed to customer satisfaction. They offer
plastic coated picnic tables that are extremely strong, built of steel frames and covered with thermoplastic coatings. These tables will offer you years of service and still look new. They have been designed and engineered for safety and strength. The corners on these plastic coated picnic tables have been rounded for style and comfort with extra bracing underneath for years of heavy-duty service.

Furniture Leisure offers several styles of plastic coated picnic tables to suit your needs. You can choose six, eight or ten foot long tables in an array of pretty colors. There are even coordinating accessories available, like trash receptacles or park benches. No matter what size area, or what color scheme you have chosen, Furniture Leisure offers the perfect picnic table to enhance the space. You can feel confident that you are making a wise investment when you select plastic coated picnic tables from

Why do so many customers put their trust in Furniture Leisure when they are buying outdoor furniture? Because they know that Furniture Leisure has earned their excellent reputation by working hard to offer the very best products, the finest customer service and fair prices. It is a company that prides its self on living up to environmentally friendly standards. Those are just a few of the reasons you can find outdoor furniture from Furniture Leisure in states from Alabama to Wyoming. They have done business with the military, government offices, schools, churches and many other commercial enterprises and each of these clients has been treated as though they are the most important customer the company has ever served, because they are.

You may need plastic coated picnic tables or other commercial outdoor furniture for a variety of reasons. You could be furnishing the break room in a factory or the courtyard of a convalescence center. Maybe you are opening an outdoor restaurant and want to insure that your picnic tables are not only attractive, but long lasting as well, or perhaps you must decide on the tables for your school cafeteria. It’s even possible that you might just want a picnic table for your home that will last for many years and you will not have to worry about replacing. Whatever the reason you are shopping for commercial picnic tables, you can buy with confidence from Don’t settle for less than the best. Visit Furniture Leisure and you’ll be sold.

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