Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Recycled Plastic Tables

Are you wondering what to replace your tables that have warped, cracked, or are just plain filthy? Try something that would still be serving your guests if you had chosen recycled plastic table to begin with. When you need new tables for your business or home, why not get the best quality for your money and do the environment a favor by choosing recycled plastic tables. Also, all the companion products are available such as conversation tables, bar height tables, both round and square. Furniture Leisure is a member of EPA’s “Green Scapes” and offers you a selection of durable, handsome recycled plastic tables that merge quality and environmental responsibility together.

When your choice is a recycled plastic from Furniture Leisure, you’re not only making a good decision for the environment, you are making a long term purchase. These recycled plastic tables and chairs are not only comfortable and good looking, they are virtually maintenance free. They really mimic real wood in looks and weight but are far more durable and cleanable. Recycled plastic is made just like wood counterparts and is almost impervious to the elements of Mother Nature. You leave them outside all winter and they’ll look as good as new come spring. They don’t warp, chip or scratch. Wood tables require refinishing and constant cleaning to keep them in service. You will never have to worry about painting or staining these recycled plastic tables. There is no splintering or rotting, as well. Whether they are at a country club, flanking a swimming pool or used at an ocean front restaurant, salt water and chlorine will not affect their good looks. You’ll also love how easy this recycled plastic furniture is to clean. You can power wash them or wipe them down with a damp rag and mild detergent. It’s almost impossible to ruin these sturdy tables

If you like the idea of maintenance free recycled plastic furniture, you’ll love the styles available at
Furniture Leisure. You can select armless dining chairs or choose a style with arms. There are a variety of chair styles that you will find to use with your recycled plastic tables. Other companion recycle plastic furniture is available to make all your selections.
The recycled plastic furniture options fit in perfectly in almost any outdoor area but can be used as indoor furniture as well. All styles can be used indoors as well however the Mission Collection or the South Beach Styles have companion tables to make sets. They are a bright and cheery invitation to guests to relax around your hotel pool or a great place to rest in a resort lodge lobby. The extra seating and comfort they offer to residents of a retirement community or the crisp, fresh look they bring to a seaside resort are just a few of the possibilities for these recycled plastic tables.

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