Monday, June 16, 2008

Wheel Chair Accessible Picnic Tables

When you are considering the purchase of commercial grade wheel chair accessible picnic tables, you are probably thinking about several issues. It is only natural if you are concerned about the safety, durability and price of the picnic tables you are evaluating. Not only will these tables be an investment, they will become a long-term part of your environment. One of the best sources for wheel chair accessible picnic tables that will exceed all of your expectations is Furniture Leisure, a leading company in the production of commercial outdoor furniture. You’ll definitely want to examine these exceptional picnic tables at Furniture Leisure.

These incredibly strong wheel chair accessible picnic tables are designed to last and stay attractive for many years to come. Furniture Leisure is an environmentally friendly company who uses eco-safe materials to produce a variety of picnic tables to suit your needs. Choose from picnic table with frames of recycled steel or select recycled plastic picnic tables. There are 6 foot, 8 foot or even 12 foot tables available or you may prefer the 46 inch round table. No matter what style you desire, all these picnic tables are built with safety first in mind.

Many of Furniture Leisure’s wheel chair accessible picnic tables are covered with an incredibly strong copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating. With its 25-30 mils thick coating, these tables are built to withstand the elements of time and nature. This environmentally safe coating will not fade, crack, warp, discolor or peel for the entire life of the picnic table. The thermoplastic coating also protects the steel frame from any possibility of corrosion. If the coating would get cut somehow, it is a very quick, easy repair. Simply heat the cut area with an industrial heat gun and the plastic will melt and rebind itself. It is that easy. Even if vandals attempt to spray paint your picnic tables, you can wash off most spray paints just by using any standard industrial cleaner. The ease of care and the smooth surface are definite benefits of these tables from Furniture Leisure.

Many of the tables available at Furniture Leisure allow you to choose the colors of the frames and tables and seats. There is even a table that offers a beautiful southern pine top. There are 13 wheel chair accessible picnic tables to choose from and you can see them all by following this
link. Whether you are considering commercial grade outdoor furniture for a school, business, health facility or even your home, you can find the best quality, selection and prices at Furniture Leisure. After you have enjoyed this comfortable, attractive furniture, you will feel confident that you have invested wisely and your picnic tables will last for many years to come. Furniture Leisure is a leader in its field for many reasons, including the fact that they care about the quality of every piece they produce. When you are shopping for wheel chair accessible picnic tables, why settle for anything less than the best? Visit Furniture Leisure and you’ll be sold.

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