Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Telescope Pool and Patio Furniture

Telescope pool and patio furniture comes from a company that is over 100 years old. Combined with Furniture Leisure, a seasoned leader in the commercial outdoor furniture industry, you get an unbeatable team that offers you the finest commercial outdoor furniture available, reasonable prices and guarantees customer satisfaction. Furniture Leisure is proud to be able to offer you amazingly durable, attractive outdoor furniture from the inventor of sling furniture, Telescope Casual Furniture. You’re invited to view all the excellent choices available here.

If you love the look and comfort of sling furniture and demand the best buy for your money, you’re going to love what you find at Furniture Leisure. When they teamed up with Telescope, they made it possible to offer you an even greater array of options. You’ll find several
collections to choose from, each with distinctive design features. Whether you are choosing outdoor furniture for your business or your home, you’ll discover exactly the look and dependability that you desire.

One popular group you’re sure to admire is Telescope’s
Aruba collection. These stylish pieces offer you a fresh, contemporary look. The slightly higher back and the rounded armrests create comfort and a modern look. This collection is designed to give frugal customers a great value on high quality furniture that is not only durable, but also easy to maintain. They are available in a variety of colors and the ability to stack for convenience.

When pool furniture, patio or balcony furniture takes a lot of wear and tear, you’ll welcome the strength and durability of the
Vanese sling collection from Telescope. This entire collection is designed with efficiency in mind. The sleek frames allow more of them to be gathered around the table without crowding and you won’t sacrifice comfort or durability. The sturdy, rust free aluminum frame is powder coated in your choice of nine different sling colors. The weather resistant sling can easily be replaced and features a unique double bar design. We have Apartment community customers who have successfully used this design for years with satisfaction.

Telescope offers a maintenance free all weather wicker sling collection available for your consideration. The
Savona collection won’t snag clothes, shed or fray. The earthy looking resin fiber material is carefully hand-woven over strong aluminum frames that have been powder coated in your choice of nine different finishes. What a perfect selection to add a tropical flavor to any setting.

There are also two different cast aluminum collections available. Both these stylish, sturdy collections offer you a wide variety of available pieces, including chairs, rockers, swivel rockers, chaise lounges and gliders. They provide the perfect blend of stylish good looks and amazing durability. Both the
Cape May collection and the Riata collection are ready for your inspection at Furniture Leisure.

Be sure to inquire about quantity discounts when searching for your selections. Consider all your options before you invest in commercial outdoor furniture. Choose the winning combination of Furniture Leisure and Telescope to guarantee your satisfaction. Furniture Leisure has earned their reputation as a top dealer who values each one of their customers, whether they buy one piece of furniture or a thousand. “Don’t worry, Be happy” with your purchases at
Furniture Leisure.


dmccabe said...

just purchased a tableand 4 chairs. Have been looking all summer for the right combination, comfort, light weight and attractive. the table comes apart easily so that I can store for the winter as my summer home is on cape cod

Javaids said...
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