Monday, June 16, 2008

Picnic Tables for Kids

When you are shopping for children’s picnic tables, there are many important factors to consider. Safety, of course, must be your number one priority. You also have to think about functionality, cost and longevity, especially if you want to use your tables outdoors. Where can you find all those features? Furniture Leisure is the company you can depend on for the perfect picnic tables for the kids in your life.

Furniture Leisure cares about children. That is why they take extra steps to make sure each child’s picnic table they manufacture is safe and secure. These picnic tables are designed and engineered to assure the greatest possible stability. Even if the weight is unevenly distributed, Furniture Leisure’s picnic tables for kids will not tip over. Check out these safe, durable, attractive tables at and see the features that they offer.

One of the picnic tables for kids offered by Furniture Leisure is constructed from recycled plastic. You’ll be amazed how attractive these environmentally friendly tables are. These splinter-free tables comfortably seat four children up to the age of 10. There’s a delightful array of colors to choose from as well. These tables are perfect for daycare centers or other kid friendly areas.

Maybe you would prefer a child’s picnic table with a steel frame and Plastisol plastic coating. This table’s good looks and durability are sure to please. This table is six foot long and has six-foot seats on the two sides. Plastisol offers a smooth surface for drawing or game playing and you’ll love how easily it cleans. The rainbow assortment of color combinations allows you to create just the look you want. Play up your school colors or coordinate with the neighboring surroundings. The kids will love these tables as much as you do.

Another excellent option you could choose is the 46-inch square child’s picnic table. This spacious table with attached seats has room for 8 to 12 kids to sit together. Boasting a Plastisol plastic coating, this square table is designed to encourage conversation. The smooth top is perfect for writing or working. You’ll really appreciate how easy Plastisol is to clean and its amazing longevity. Select just the colors you want for your picnic tables and provide your kids the perfect place to come together and share their time with each other.
Whether you are shopping for picnic tables for kids or adults or if you need outdoor companion pieces like trash receptacles or bicycle racks, you can trust that you’ll get the best merchandise and the best customer service from Furniture Leisure. Thousands of others already have. Furniture Leisure serves giant corporations, universities, the U.S. Military and many other organizations. They even offer their top quality outdoor products to individuals who want the strength of commercial furniture for their own outdoor spaces. They have customers from Florida to Alaska and just about every place in between. Furniture Leisure has been a leader in the outdoor furniture industry for over 20 years and has earned their reputation as one of the best, most environmentally responsible manufactures in the business. Don’t settle for less than the best. Take time today to visit and you’ll be sold.

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