Monday, June 16, 2008

Thermoplastic Picnic Tables

If you are considering investing in commercial grade picnic tables, there are probably several questions running through your mind. How can you know you are making a good choice? How can you be sure the furniture you select will last? Is the furniture you’re considering buying from a reputable manufacturer? Those are all important questions to ask yourself before making a final selection for your commercial grade picnic tables. One place you will find the answers to all these questions is at

Furniture Leisure is a leader in the outdoor furniture industry. They are an eco-friendly corporation who not only wants to provide you with the best products possible, but who also try to do what is best for our planet. When you visit their web site,, you will find a fantastic selection of commercial picnic tables from which to choose. One type of table you will probably be particularly interested in is
thermoplastic picnic tables. These tables are built of recycled steel frames and covered with an environmentally safe copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating. This amazing coating protects the frame from corrosion, keeping the table strong and attractive for many years to come. They apply the coating in a thickness of 25-30mils., which allows maximum protection with the best possible surface.

Another remarkable feature of Furniture Leisure’s thermoplastic coated picnic tables is the durability of the coating itself. This coating will not fade, discolor, peel, crack or warp for the life of the picnic table. Even if the coating is cut somehow, it is very easy to repair. Simply heat the affected area with an industrial heat gun. The thermoplastic will melt and rebind itself. You couldn’t ask for anything simpler than that. Even if vandals attempt to graffiti your picnic tables with spray paint, you don’t have to worry. Most spray paints are easily removed from these tables with any standard industrial cleaner. You can rest assured that the thermoplastic picnic tables from will look like new in the years ahead.

Furniture Leisure offers seven styles of thermoplastic picnic tables, including round, rectangular and square styles. There are even wheelchair accessible tables to fit your special needs. You can choose from a great selection of colors for both your frame and your thermoplastic coating.

You’ll find industrial grade accessories like umbrellas and trash receptacles available that coordinate with the picnic table you choose as well.
Whether you are shopping for commercial picnic tables for a school, business, health care facility, or if you just want an extremely durable picnic table for your home, you’ll find the perfect table for your needs at The quality is unsurpassed, the selection is excellent and the prices are extremely competitive. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your superior furniture was produced by an environmentally responsible manufacturer. There are many reasons that Furniture Leisure is a leader in the outdoor furniture industry, but the care they put into the production of every piece is the most important. When you’re shopping for industrial grade thermoplastic picnic tables, don’t settle for less than the best. Visit
Furniture Leisure and you’ll be sold.

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