Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aluminum Strap Furniture

When you are in charge of purchasing commercial aluminum strap pool furniture for your business, or your home, you want to know you are making a wise investment. The aluminum pool furniture you choose should not only look good, but also be durable and rugged enough to withstand the elements. Before you make the investment in aluminum strap furniture, you owe it to yourself to explore the smart options available from Furniture Leisure, a leader for commercial pool furniture for more than 20 years.

You are facing many decisions as you prepare to purchase your new aluminum outdoor furniture. Furniture Leisure understands that and wants to help answer all of your questions. They know you are searching for style, comfort, durability and reasonable prices. That is why it is their goal to give you all of those features in one convenient location. And that is why their factory to offers strapped pool furniture that has qualities not found with competitors. Our Vinyl Strapped Pool Furniture is doubled wrapped for extra durability and comfort. No one enjoys lounging in a chaise lounge that has lost straps as it is uncomfortable. Double wrapping the vinyl give an extra measure of toughness against commercial use which can be public abuse.

The Island collection offers The St. Maarten, St. Lucia, the Barbados classic styles, and also guarantees durability with commercial construction. The sturdy aluminum St. Maarten chaise lounge frame is designed with a higher seat height than many at 14 ½ inches tall. It is then double wrapped with 2 inch straps of 100 percent virgin vinyl. The combination creates seating that is attractive and comfortable that will last for years. They are so confident of the quality of the construction of these frames, they offer a 5 year commercial warranty against frame breakage.

Mix and match the pieces in the Island collection and create the perfect arrangement to enhance your swimming pool or patio. Choose traditional St. Maarten contract strap armed chairs or include sand chairs for relaxing at the beach. For the ultimate in comfort, you can select armless chaise lounges or chairs with comfortable arms. All these handsome pieces will stack for convenient storage. The aluminum frames are available in several different finishes, ranging from glossy white all the way to textured black, with many beautiful choices in between. Add the finishing touch with 2 inch virgin vinyl straps or sling fabrics available in a variety of color choices.

Furniture Leisure wants you to have the outdoor commercial furniture that perfectly suits your needs. They are proud to offer you quality patio furniture and pool furniture made as aluminum strap or all the companion pieces you need to complete your space. This furniture is made in USA and ships from the factory to your property. Additionally, they have many other good looking, durable outdoor furniture collections for your review, including important accessories like trash receptacles, benches, bike racks, commercial outdoor grills and additional essential items. Whether you need a single piece of furniture or 1000 pieces, Furniture Leisure values your business and your complete satisfaction is their only goal. Be certain to have the options for style value and to fit your budget. See us at
Furniture Leisure to begin to purchase for your project.

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