Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Styles of Park Benches

A park bench is a welcome sight along a walking path or trail. Park benches are just a nice place to rest. Think about the gardens, walking paths, bike paths, park trails and rest stops where these benches are used. Concrete, recycled plastic, resin, wood, plastic coated steel and aluminum materials are all commonly used for a good sturdy bench.

Many benches have black, green or brown frames to blend them in the to background scenery. Like many site amenities people take benches for granted expecting them to show up on the trail for rest and relaxation. I have seen log benches where a tree has been cut in half and creative molds at Disney with Mickey Mouse, or Goofy plastic benches at theme parks. Universal studios and Sea World have their own special benches.

You just can’t beat a good bench! Trail Benches, Park benches, theme park benches, garden benches, street benches, sports benches and church benches are as common as a hotdog on 4th of July!

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