Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pool Furniture made from Aluminum

Our pool furniture made from aluminum is the most popular furniture used by country clubs, YMCA’s Community pools, apartment pools, patio pools, city pools where chaise lounges, tables and chairs and umbrellas are use for outdoor furniture enjoyment.

The character of aluminum is such that it does not rust or corrode easily. It is a strong tubular product that is also light and can be bent to form many pool furniture styles.

Aluminum can be cast into molds and is used for fancy styles that are used outdoors on patios and pool decks.

Companies use a vinyl strap to stretch across the aluminum frame and create a seat for the different style chairs and chaise lounges.

These straps are connected by nylon pins and sometimes doubled wrapped around the tubular frame to keep them in place.

Aluminum adjuster brackets are used on the back of the chair to change the incline for personal comfort.

Some companies use nylon, however the most durable is aluminum.

The bottom of the chaise lounges also have aluminum welded on the tubular frame to reinforce against sliding the chaise lounge on the concrete pool deck.

Pool furniture made from aluminum will continue to be widely used for swimming pools.

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