Friday, November 14, 2008

Furniture made from Recycled Plastic

Furniture Leisure has been selling a wide selection of eco friendly furniture and commercial outdoor products made from recycled plastic to the parks and recreation industry, military installations, government institutions, schools, universities, medical facilities and other businesses for many years.

Offering over 20 years experience in recycled plastic furniture sales and customer service, we are committed to the best products for our customers, excellence in personal service and guarantee customer satisfaction. When you call, we are here to answer all your recycled plastic furniture questions.

Outdoor Furniture made from Recycled Plastic
Recycled plastic furniture is maintenance free outdoor furniture built to last forever.
Their is a variety of outdoor furniture to choose from, recycled plastic is the answer to easy care and virtual elegance for your garden, patio, deck, boat dock or sun room.

Recycled plastic furniture is manufactured from plastic lumber from post consumer, industrial recycled plastics. Example is the plastic gallon milk jugs that you purchase at the grocery store. With advanced technology manufactures have produced a high density polyethylene material. They have made Adirondack chairs, rocking chairs, dining tables and even chaise lounges made out of recycled plastic that never splinters, warps, corrodes, is resistant to mildew, unaffected by termites and rodents.

Recycled plastic furniture is an eco friendly alternative which helps to reduce the waste stream by giving a beautiful second life to milk jugs (based on industry estimate, 4.3 milk jugs per pound of lumber)

Recycled plastic furniture is resistant to heat, cold, salt and acids and best yet recycled plastic outdoor furniture lowers the worldwide consumption of hardwood trees.
Recycled plastic furniture is non toxic to humans and animals.

Recycled plastic furniture is made in all colors with stainless steel hardware. You can leave recycled plastic furniture outdoors all year round without ant worries. Recycled plastic furniture is crafted to look like wood and patterned after classic furniture styles that have withstood the test of times.

There are furniture styles to choose from like the garden style, nautical, mission, traditional style and more. So sit back, relax and enjoy your Adirondack chair, chaise lounge or rocking chair for many years to come and feel good about it because you are participating in the protection of our environment by reducing the amount of trees to be cut down.

Recycled plastic lumber was developed and tested in concert with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratories, the University of Illinois, Washington and Lee University, National Electric Energy testing Research and Applications Center and the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology.

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