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Pool Furniture for Commercial Use

Furniture Leisure is a top supplier of Pool Furniture for commercial use made in the USA. Relax and enjoy outdoor leisure in one of our commercial chaise lounges. Most pool furniture for commercial use is stackable for convenience. Lounge comfortably with our aluminum vinyl strap furniture or Sling fabric styles. These commercial grade lounges and pool chairs make the day seam like a dream. Sitting by the water relaxing after a hard days work has never been more relaxing.

The Island Collection features the St. Maarten strap pool furniture for commercial use that uses durable double wrap for strength and quality. This furniture stacks and is available with heavy duty sling styles as well. All materials are made in the USA. Hardware and fasteners on this pool furniture for commercial use is all stainless steel for long lasting beauty.

Pool Furniture for commercial use Styles and Uses
The swimming pool deck is a demanding environment for the hospitality and multi-family industry. Many times the pool is used as a first impression to entice customers. Children as well as adults are attracted to the beautiful blue water and the refreshment it promises. Pool furniture not only has to look good but hold up to the commercial demands of public use.
Pool furniture made for public use comes in quite a few styles and is always made to meet or exceed the expected variations of people it will serve. To run through the major types there are aluminum with vinyl straps, sling fabric (both aluminum framed and resin), Resin or commercial plastic, recycled plastic and in some cases wood.
The style selected most likely will have to stand up to weather extremes and constant use in the warmer states like Florida , Texas , and California . Seasonal States like North Carolina , Iowa , or Minnesota are not as demanding due to the shorter season of use.
Factors that are weight heavily in choosing pool furniture for commercial use are long-term maintenance, colors and level of comfort. The aluminum frame used with vinyl straps is perhaps the most common found on pool decks. This pool furniture is one of the most common styles but is still used at some of the major resort hotels. An example is the Marriott in Orlando . It is one of the largest properties in that company and uses this type of furniture. The aluminum furniture can be refurbished by replacing the straps periodically. The comfort level is good as the straps support the weight of the user and have a certain amount of stretch or give.
Another furniture style that has become more popular is the “sling” style. Fabric is attached to a frame to support the user. The original concept started in the army in World War I as cots were made by stretching fabric over a frame to make a portable bed. Today the same concept is used, however, the frame may be resin or aluminum depending on the manufacturer. This furniture has a higher level of comfort and has more designs available as many fabric options offer color and pattern as well. Maintenance over time is more difficult as replacing the sling can be difficult. Matching the fabric after a couple years can also be a problem due to discontinued fabrics and fading.

Plastic resin furniture made by several manufacturers offers a sling product. This product has found acceptance even on cruise ships. Resin furniture stands up to sunshine, salt and corrosive elements often found present around swimming pools. This furniture usually offers less options for color and patter, however, it cost less as well.
Plastic Resin is also used extensively as it is less expensive than other styles and is made to commercial standards. Chaise lounges and chairs are made to compliment each other and they stack for convenience. Note: Most commercial properties require that the furniture stacks for storage.
The last style mentioned here are recycled plastic and wood. They are mentioned together as the recycled plastic imitates typical wood styles. Wood was used on beaches and around pools before the technology of aluminum extrusion or plastic molding was available. Today a new recycling industry has evolved reusing plastic and making it the size of lumber. This has led to new furniture styles imitating the old made from this new material. Therefore the styles resemble the early wood chaise lounges and chairs found on the beach in the early twentieth century.
Notice the type pool furniture at your next hotel stay. It most assuredly will be one of these types.
John Gravlee is the author and maintains two e-commerce stores for outdoor furniture needs. is a resource for information about commercial picnic tables.

Outdoor Pool Furniture used Commercially
Pool furniture is essential to providing a quality, relaxing atmosphere whether for you and your family in your backyard pool or at a hotel, motel, neighborhood YMCA, or any place where a pool might be. Pool furniture can be found just about everywhere and is used in all states including: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and during any time of the year.

Pool furniture comes in many different styles and materials as well. Certain types of materials are better for certain situations. For example Resin pool furniture is naturally impervious to salt water and many of the natural harmful effects the atmosphere can have. Synthetic resins are materials with similar properties to natural resins, viscous liquids capable of hardening. They are typically manufactured by etherification or soaping of organic compounds. The classic variety is epoxy resin, manufactured through polymerization-polyaddition or polycondensation reactions, used as a thermoset polymer for adhesives and composites. One more category, which constitutes 75% of resins used, is Unsaturated Polyester Resin. All of these types work wonderfully for an outdoor pool situation where the damaging effects of the atmosphere are worst. Resin will also keep maintenance time and costs low. Another good option for pool furniture would be aluminum strap.

Aluminum pool furniture is very popular and seen at many major hotels across the country. Unlike the resin which is one piece, aluminum pool furniture has a frame for the lounge or chair and then straps are wrapped around the frame to provide the support. There are many advantages to having strapped pool furniture. One advantage is the ability to replace the straps once they are worn, giving the chair or lounge a brand new look. With strapped pool furniture you can also arrange the color of the straps to fit your design. Strapped pool furniture is popular due to its relative durability and comfort. Virgin vinyl straps have memory and do not sag or break for many years. Strap pool furniture is a medium maintenance product, which will require proper cleaning on a regular basis. There is a vast array of specifications and levels of quality and durability in the strapped aluminum furniture industry. Often, strapped furniture is sold as commercial grade with specifications that are well below the accepted standards. Again, pay close attention to the design, bracing, and safety features of strapped aluminum pool furniture, and make sure the warranty is a commercial use warranty.

Commercial grade aluminum sling furniture is becoming increasingly popular for its comfort and stylish look. It incorporates the appearance of cushion furniture but without the cushions, which do not fare well in the typical commercial environment. When selecting your sling furniture you want to make sure you are getting high quality sling fabrics. Sling furniture only looks good as long as the slings are tight. While slings are typically difficult to replace, it can be done. Certain fabrics, typically vinyl coated polyester fabrics with very high thread counts, are most durable. Low grade sling fabrics are not recommended, however most manufacturers insist on very high quality fabrics that are rated for use commercial sling material, Pay special attention to the construction of the frame. The slings are made tight with bolts which should always be stainless steel bolts, preferably ones that go all the way through the sling furniture frame. This "bolt-through process" has solved the problem of aluminum sling furniture frames breaking where the fabric is attached to the frame. Sling furniture is a moderate to high maintenance product, which does require regular, proper cleaning and also requires a higher level of care with the furniture itself.


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