Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Picnic Tables for Commercial Use

At Furniture Leisure, not only do we sell picnic tables for commercial use, but we have assembled the best factories to provide our customers with the highest quality and most practical options for outdoor furniture projects. Whether your company needs picnic tables for commercial use, for dining areas, your school needs tables for children activities or your church does a lot of outdoor events, we have the products to fit your needs. The BG picnic tables for commercial use have attractively designed legs formed from strong O.D. galvanized high strength tube. The extra wide base design gives added tip resistance. Cross braces are added to these picnic tables for commercial use, for extra strength.

Characteristics of a Picnic Tables for Commercial Use
Picnic Tables for commercial use, are used extensively in the USA and other countries for many uses besides just parks. Some of the uses include employee dining for businesses, dining for sporting facilities, Fast food establishments, schools, Theme parks, Multi-family communities, highway rest stops and the list goes on. If one just observes these types of establishments, the amount of uses and purchases are astounding. Recently a major manufacturer suggested that the market size is over 100 million annually.
It might be questioned what makes a table commercial versus just a picnic table. No one has actually defined this distinction; however, suppliers of picnic tables would serve to give a definition from the types sold. Generally speaking, all wood tables cross the commercial line. Wood tables are usually built and distributed to local markets. One major benefit of wood tables is they are generally inexpensive. Wood tables are not generally available in large quantities, difficult to ship economically and have the draw-back of an all wood product use outdoors all year.
Picnic tables for commercial use come in some basic mediums. Concrete, Galvanized Frames with wood, aluminum, recycled plastic, fiberglass or plastic coated steel tops and seats are common tables. They may be rectangular, square, round, octagonal or custom sizes to accommodate handicap users. Almost all are shipped unassembled to the end user. Some tables are chosen to meet a strong need such as deterrents to theft, constant public abuse such as graffiti, carving or any vandalism humans seem to create. Often concrete is used as the ultimate indestructible table. However, plastic coated are extremely popular and can be mounted in-ground for a permanent table.
Manufacturers of picnic tables for commercial use are mainly in the USA . Dealers exist that provide catalogs to specifiers and designers. Also, in the past 6 years as the internet has developed, dealers offer e-commerce stores to purchase and receive information about these products.
John Gravlee is the author and maintains two e-commerce stores for outdoor furniture needs. is a resource for information about picnic tables for commercial use.

Picnic Tables
No outdoor area is complete without a picnic table. Picnic tables have been an outdoor staple for generations for many reasons. They are comfortable, convenient, serve many purposes, and are very durable. Picnic tables can be made out of many types of material.
Picnic tables are convenient because they can seat several people. With tables, extra chairs are need when more people are around. Picnic tables are simply benches attached to tables, so seating can vary. In a location where there are lots of children, picnic tables are especially convenient. A large group of children can sit a picnic table and be comfortable, and when they are done, clean up is easy. And, no one has to ask then to push their chairs in.
Picnic tables are very durable because they are always outdoors. Typically made of wood, the materials used to make picnic tables have changed over time to increase their durability. Now you can find picnic tables made out of metal, recycled plastics, and fiberglass. Some picnic tables are constructed as two benched on either side, while more modern picnic tables feature a round table design equipped with an outdoor patio umbrella in the middle for picnicking convenience.
Because picnic tables are always outdoors, they can serve many purposes. Not only do they get used for eating, but they can also be used for doing outdoor projects and crafts. It's much better to spill a little glue or paint on a picnic table than on your indoor kitchen table.


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Thank goodness someone invented Commercial Furniture. It would be a very expensive to run my table and chair rental company is this type of furniture did not exist. We go through a lot of furniture and would be hopeless if we had to continually buy new expensive furniture.