Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Plastic Coated Picnic Tables

Plastic Coated Picnic tables are the most popular selection for schools, churches, arenas, stadiums and fast food chains.

There are many different sizes and shapes that are available. The color selections are numerous to match schools colors, team colors, and office parks.

All of the plastic coated tables are popular, however the round and square may be the most popular.

A market umbrella can be used with them to provide shade and adds to the “curb appeal” for fast food chains. Sonic is a hamburger chain that nationally uses this style.

The tops are semi-solid and can be easily cleaned to keep them looking new.

Usually weighing over 250 pounds, they are not easily moved by vandals. Also, the tops and seats deter graffiti as they do not provide as solid surface to write on. Plastic coated steel is sometimes referred to as plastisol. The steel frame is dipped in the plastic to fully encase the metal to make a beautiful, durable and long lasting finish.

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