Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Picnic Tables made from Aluminum

Picnic Tables made from Aluminum, made for commercial use, serve special needs. When customers consider these tables they have a choice of different lengths.

Usually made with galvanized frames, they are some of the lightest tables made commercially. The top and seats are made from anodized aluminum to reduce corrosion and provide a strong semi-solid surface. 2 x 10 planks are used for the tops and seats with a galvanized steel frame.

Six foot tables will seat six people; eight foot table will seat eight adults comfortably. For large gatherings a 12 foot table is available.

A six foot table weight as little as 108 pounds versus a wood table at 173 pounds.

Aluminum is a good choice when the tables might be moved on occasion for various events such as ball parks, sports facilities and schools.

Picnic tables made from aluminum provide a good selection for years of public use.

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