Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Public Benches

Benches used for the public are some of the most durable and most used pieces of public furniture that is for sale. Benches dot the landscape of parks, bike trails, public gardens, schools, libraries, retailers, office buildings and restaurants.

Many types of commercial styles and constructions are available. Some of these are even markers for the venue. For instance…train stations have used the heavy duty cast iron bench with wood slats for waiting areas. The same
old style benches can be found in many of our cities offering rest for the shoppers and store shoppers. Go to New York Central Park, Statue of Liberty or downtown Manhattan and you are sure to see examples of these time tested “old time street Benches”. Now go to T.G.I. Fridays, Bennigans, Chili’s, The Olive Garden, The Red Lobster or any of the Darden restaurants or popular bistros and observe the entry benches greeting you. Probably these have gone unnoticed unless you had to wait in line for your table. Entry way benches give restaurants a way to politely offer people rest while they wait. This reduces the annoyance of not being served when you arrive to the restaurant. More importantly for the business, the customer stays to purchase a meal because of the courtesy offered by a comfortable entry way bench.

Move on to the bike trail that offers recreation to a variety of people. These trails are lined with benches to provide periodic rest. This bench furniture is extremely important to the safety and comfort of the people using the trails. Usually a bench with a back is used while some backless benches are use as well. Walkers, bike riders, both children and adult use the public trail benches for rest and occasionally a nap.

If you have been to any Walt Disney Theme park, Universal, Sea World, or Busch Gardens, theme park benches show just how important this bench furniture is. They usually make bench statements like molded boat benches, Goofy benches, and the all mighty Mickey Mouse bench. At Universal you might find the Terminator Bench and at Busch Gardens you might find an alligator Bench. Sea World could have a Shamu for Adult benches and children’s benches for rest. After all, these parks are found in warm places and they have trail benches, cool benches, waiting benches, sitting benches, relaxing benches, custom benches for their guests.

When visiting a sports park, bench seating is usually common for the participants and spectators. Starting with player style benches, dugout benches, public sport benches, even bleacher benches everyone has a bench for game viewing. Soccer benches, Baseball benches and football benches are found for the players and spectators. Bleachers are benches that elevate to allow many people to sit and view the game. Game benches could be a term used to describe this seating. Wooden benches, Aluminum benches, plastic coated benches and recycled plastic benches are popular bench types for sports benches.
The recycled plastic is one of the newest types of bench materials used as they have a long life in the weather and are not affected by chemicals, UV and common elements that can deteriorate benches. Indoor Swimming pools for swimming sporting events use resin benches and recycled plastic benches for this reason. The Aluminum benches are also highly resistant to the corrosion in a swimming pool sports arena.
At the end of the day, public benches are available everywhere to serve the public seating needs. Whether it is at a retail center, Park, Trail or sports park, the use of public benches is “often seen but not heard” about. They just do their job.


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