Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back to School

Could it be time again for the school buses to run, football games to begin again, home rooms gather each morning and new school outdoor furniture products to be delivered for another year of school. Furniture Leisure sells to Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Elementary Schools, Public Schools, Charter Schools and Pre school locations. The 2008/2009 school season is now here.

All over the country schools constantly are being built or are in states of repair and expansion being enlarged.
Benches are added for waiting areas and walk ways. Benches are a place for students to study together, and socialize. We have new technology available to have the school name or mascots picture cut into the back of the bench to enhance school identity. Metal benches covered with Thermo Plastic coverings come in colors to match school colors. The material discourages graffiti spray paint by just spraying it with WD-40. The paint just wipes off. Wooden benches with galvanized frames many times are used for schools. They can be used for high traffic areas, dugouts at the ball fields and locker rooms. Vinyl plastic benches weather and clean well and can be attached to a hard surface to reduce vandalism. Plastics such as recycled plastic benches and tables are more popular than ever due to the governmental push to be kind to the environment. Recycled plastic benches not only reuse material but are beautifully made in various colors to replace benches that once were made of wood. These products save trees and keep America beautiful at the same time.

Bleachers are a regular back to school item and have many uses.
Portable bleachers can be as small as 2 rows 7 ½ feet wide and up to 10 rows and 27 feet wide. Larger bleachers require safety items such as isles, guardrails. Furniture Leisure sells our bleachers with bolted together aluminum frames. These frames, while light weight are strong and do not corrode over time. Because they bolt together, they last longer and do not break if moved. Some companies weld the frame parts which eventually fail more often. Bleachers are used indoors in gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, and general sporting areas. A feature that is often requested is “tip and roll” for the indoor bleachers. Outdoors bleachers are uses to add seating for ball fields whether soccer, football, baseball or tennis. Bleachers line the fields for spectators viewing comfort.

Another great item for schools is the
picnic table. Wood used to be the standard. Recent Years have introduced styles that are more environmentally friendly. Plastic coated tables are very popular. They are colorful, easy to clean, relatively save from vandalism and have a long life of use. Plastic coated steel whether plastisol or Thermo Plastic is the popular style of the day. They can be purchased in standard rectangular, round or square. Most are purchased with attached bench seats. Some people call them metal picnic benches. Students just use them to gather for lunches, social interaction, picnics and sometimes just napping between classes. Recycled plastic tables and chairs are quickly replacing older wood styles. This is considered a “Green” product…good for the environment.

Back to school
pool furniture is a year round item as most high schools in the country have indoor pools for swim meets. Bleachers, chaise lounges, plastic white stackable chairs and vinyl plastic benches are all popular pool furniture items for this years school purchases. The indoor pool is a tough environment for furniture. Aluminum, resin plastic and vinyl materials are commonly used to make pool furniture to withstand the humid chlorine filled enclosure. White plastic stackable chairs are the most popular seating schools purchase for the pool areas.

Back to school trash receptacles or
trash cans must be on the minds of every school principle and custodian as the children return to a school with clean grounds. A well placed trash can will collect trash from the little boogers and reduce the manpower to keep the school grounds clean. Generally a dome lid is a good solution as the trash is placed in the receptacle and a spring door closes hiding the trash and keeping small varmints out. The larger the trash can the more difficult emptying will be. However, a larger can does not have to be emptied as often. A logo can be used with the schools colors to give school identity and make the grounds attractive. 32 gallon is the most popular size. Metal, mostly steel is used for making school trash receptacles. However plastics are more and more popular materials for school trash cans.

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