Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture is for sale everywhere these days. Albertsons, Kroger, Winn Dixie, Safeway, Target, Sears, Kmart, Ace Hardware, Lowes, Sam’s Club, Costco B J’s, and Home Depot are filling their stores with patio furniture. Some of these businesses have nothing to do with furniture but the garden and lawn section usually offer garden furniture for sale and lawn furniture for sale. The primary reasons for the recent increase is that purchasing agents for the large companies buy items from China, Most if not all of this furniture is made in China. The benefit to the customer is cheap patio furniture and cheap outdoor furniture. The downside for the customer is—cheap patio furniture. For this discussion we can also refer to cheap lawn furniture and cheap garden furniture. Our store often receives calls to have piece replaced that have failed or broken. The furniture falls into the category of “bic” furniture; meaning that it is a throw away when it breaks.

Many customers report that they buy over and over white plastic chaise lounges from these retailers. The low expectation that the furniture will break and easily replaced is dangerous. Most of the time no one is hurt when a plastic chair breaks and the person falls. However, it is that one time that someone is severely injured due to saving a few dollars. White plastic chairs are so common because of the popularity that people would not know the difference between a commercial chair or a residential one. The
commercial resin chaise lounge is much heavier and stronger due to extra molded bracing. Usually you can look under the chair and find a statement that “this chair is for residential use only”. If it is being used for a café or bistro, watch out. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Patio furniture for sale is a huge USA domestic business. The commercial white patio chaise lounges, green tables and white plastic chairs are more expensive. However, they usually hold up for years. Metal frame patio furniture made in the US is also much better product than the china counterpart. One structural difference is that made in USA patio furniture use little or no steel in their construction. This determines whether you will have pools of rust on your pool deck. Cast aluminum or tubular aluminum is used with stainless steel as the predominant frame materials. Cast iron is used sometimes for bench frames. Fabrics are also milled in the USA for these companies to provide sling and vinyl materials. One of the most popular companies is Sunbrella. They make fabrics for boat tops, awnings, outdoor cushions, outdoor upholstery and market umbrellas.

Outdoor chairs, tables, chaise lounges, bar stools, ottomans, outdoor sofas and are staples of patio furniture. Outdoor wicker is becoming popular for outdoor sofas, outdoor loveseats with cushions. Resin patio furniture or white plastic resin furniture including tables and chairs are popular. Resin is a form of plastic. Some customer call it PVC with is the material Pipe patio furniture is made from. Sunbrella fabrics, made from solution dyed acrylic are many times the most popular as they are colorfast and weather well. Olefin is another solution dyed fabric that is used on cheap umbrellas. The customer is given many choices for their patio furniture choices.


PP said...

I recently purchased an outdoor all weather wicker sofa, and it is so comfortable. It looks great outside, and with a furniture cover, makes a great relaxing space.

Robert said...
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Jeff Spires said...

A patio furniture is a great addition to any house. It extends your living area and allows you to take your living outdoors on a fine summers day. It makes you home more valuable and adds function. It adds, in effect, a new living space to your housem but it is also costly for your spending. For me, I can buy cheap brand new discount patio furniture from some cheap furniture stores which its stock is over. They wants to make room for the new models. Maybe it needs to do a stocktake. Or perhaps it needs some cash fast to pay some bills. Those are the ways you can find cheap and get a good quality patio furniture for your garden and house.