Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Sale

Today’s economy is a challenging environment. The retail culture of inventory versus “made to order items” is still intact. Commercial outdoor furniture is usually not for sale in local stores like Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Sears or Kmart. Discount stores like Sam’s, Costco, BJ’S or Buy Direct do not stock commercial grade furniture for sale. Commercial items such as picnic tables, pool furniture, commercial umbrellas, park grills, portable bleachers, resin outdoor furniture have too many variables to bet on stocking certain colors, sizes, material types or styles.

Commercial outdoor furniture weighs more than residential and therefore more expensive to ship. Most all items ship unassembled and require the customer to off load the freight. Projects require certain colors and sizes that just can’t be made and stocked regionally in stores for sale. Most of these items are mainly sold through three mediums. On-line companies, catalog companies and Rep Firms.

Some of the most common catalog companies are Kay Park Recreation, Pilot Rock R.J Thomas Manufacturing, Up Beat catalog, Webcoat, Inc., Leisure Craft, Inc. These companies print annual catalogs and send them to their customers throughout the US. The downside today for catalogs is that prices are not stable due to material costs fluctuations. Therefore the catalogs are out of date quickly.

On-line companies such as Furniture Leisure, Picnic Furniture, The Park Catalog, ParknPool, the Outdoorfunstore, Belson, Barco and many more sell outdoor furniture through extensive websites. Many offer the ability to buy online while others require email or phone quotes for prices. Most of these suppliers have similar costs and the competition gives the buyer a very fair price. The major advantage for the buyer is that there is no inventory cost for the supplier which makes the prices cheaper than any attempt to retail the products.

Rep Firms are generally regional in each state and employ representatives to call on architects and specifiers for new projects. Many of the factories offer technical products and work hard to meet local codes or requirements of product documentation. The customers are usually local municipalities or state projects that have heavy insurance requirements, and stringent purchasing contracts demanding installation services. These Firms have their product specified and sell the products as factory representatives. Sometimes the legal requirements are best satisfied by these types of goods and services providers.

Whether it is commercial pool furniture, picnic tables, commerical park grills, commercial umbrellas, or outdoor dining furniture, one of your best options to buy is through an experienced commercial online store. These businesses have people to service the purchase, shipping and resolution of any customer service issues. Experienced companies carry insurance and efficiently meet their customers needs. Unlike many of the huge impersonal providers of goods and services these days there is a presence of informed and capable professional people to provide service rather than the “impersonal computer help prompts” when you call.

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