Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Park Benches

A park bench is a welcome sight along a walking path or trail. Park benches are just a nice place to rest. Think about the gardens, walking paths, bike paths, park trails and rest stops where these benches are used. Concrete benches, recycled plastic benches, resin or vinyl, wood, plastic coated steel and cast aluminum materials are all commonly used for a good sturdy bench. The public bench is about the most common type of public furniture for sale.

I have seen park benches that look like logs where a tree has been cut in half. Disney one of the most creative companies mold plastic benches with Mickey Mouse, Minney Mouse or Goofy at theme parks. Universal studios and Sea World have their own special custom benches that line trails though their park. Heavy duty park benches are made with many different materials. Real logs cut in half, benches from plastic coated steel, benches with recycled plastic slats, reinforced concrete benches, plastisol benches, cast iron benches, cast aluminum benches, plastic molded benches, and heavy duty vinyl benches are all benches for sale.

You just can’t beat a good bench! Trail Benches, Park benches, theme park benches, garden benches, street benches, sports benches and church benches are as common as a hotdog on 4th of July! Many commercial park benches have black, green or brown frames to blend them in the to background scenery. Like many site amenities people take heavy duty park benches for granted expecting them to show up on the trail for rest and relaxation. And yet it is like they get no respect. Park benches are the Rodney Dangerfield of outdoor furniture. Skateboarders jump them to skate on, graffiti artist leave their marks behind and birds crap on them. Park benches, however are usually built heavy duty so they take the abuse and are available for years of public use.

When it comes to buying a public park bench it may be difficult to find park benches for sale. Furniture stores on line carry a huge variety and can be very helpful for satisfying each project. Choose a Victorian style for the town center park for an old time look and feel. Go to a plastic coated steel type for a contemporary style of heavy duty park benches for sale. These park benches can be portable mounted, in-ground mounted or Surface mounted. Park benches come 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet and longer. For special installations you can find concave or convex park benches that will surround a tree or line a park water fountain. However, the commercial park benches are not available at the local Ace hardware, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears, Costco, Sam’s club, Kmart, or Walmart.


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