Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Furniture Leisure Factories

Furniture Leisure makes commercial outdoor furniture available as a dealer to any who is interested in buying for a project. Whether chaise lounges for the home or a commercial project, we supply shipping from the factory to our customer. Commercial deliveries are more complicated that just buying from a local retailer and the products we sell are normally not available from those stores.

Furniture Leisure is associated with
GreenScapes, a United States Government program of the EPA for companies that support the environment by selling products that are made for recycled materials. We sell recycled plastic chairs and tables, some recycled steel and metal products. Eco-friendly products and Green products are products we sell to enhance outdoor recreation areas. Also, the Products from Furniture Leisure are made in the USA.

Furniture Leisure is an authorized dealer for these companies.
Resin Chaise lounges, chairs and tables are from Grosfillex located in Pennsylvania. They are the largest manufacturer of plastic resin furniture in the US. Their products are commonly used for community home owners associations, YMCA’s, Apartment communities, water parks and municipal pools. Nardi is another manufacture located in Italy. They have excellent chaise lounges, tables and chairs for the same use including restaurants, bistros and outdoor cafĂ©’s. Usually plastic furniture is cheaper that its metal counterparts, but is accepted at fancy restaurants, country clubs as well.

Furniture Leisure is an authorized dealer for Webcoat products. This factory makes
plastisol and thermoplastic covered products for picnic areas, streetscapes, parks, schools, universities, fast food restaurants, and more. Plastisol is a Plastic coating that is melted. The steel or metal structure is dipped into the melted plastic and removed to dry. This makes a durable good looking bench, picnic table and chairs and tables.

Furniture Leisure is an authorized dealer for Leisure Craft, Inc. This company makes
park tables, benches and outdoor coated furniture. They use an electro-statically applied method powder-coating the entire surface evenly with a shiny coat of plastic. This product can remove graffiti paint by simply spraying with WD-40 to remove. This is a benefit as much of this type of furniture can be exposed to the public abuse 24/7. Picnic tables, trash cans, trash bins, benches and seating is popular for schools, recreation areas and national park and city parks.

Furniture Leisure is an authorized dealer for Polywood Inc. They are our supplier for
Recycled plastic furniture. They were one of the first if not the first to make furniture from the plastic from milk jugs. The plastic is melted and made to similar wood lumber to simulate the wood furniture counterpart. One of the first products they made popular is recycled plastic Adirondack chairs. Originally white plastic chairs were the standard, however, many colors are available as well as chairs, tables and benches. This furniture replaces wood products which is a benefit to the environment as well as reuses plastic products to keep our country a cleaner place to live.

Furniture Leisure is an authorized dealer for Kay Park Recreation. The products they manufacture are
BBQ grills, picnic tables, recycled plastic products and park equipment. Kay Park Recreation has been in business for over 54 years and is a trusted and very well respected park equipment supplier. One of their specialties is fiberglass picnic tables and benches. They even make paddle boats for water sports on park lakes and ponds.

Furniture Leisure is an authorized dealer for Wausau Tile. This manufacturer is one of the leading makers of precast
concrete outdoor tables, benches, and trash receptacles. They operate to serve customers across the US for these products. Planters for large outdoor projects are another product they are noted for. Many cities, stadiums, large office parks and schools use these products as they are some of the most durable and vandal resistant due to their size, weight and construction.

Furniture Leisure is an authorized dealer for Dura-Trel. This factory in the US makes a beautiful
vinyl plastic picnic table, fencing, arbors, trellis, and planters. The products come in white and an new color for some products that is beige. These products utilize the strength and beauty of plastic at its best. The products are great environmentally making them of our beneficial factories.

Furniture Leisure is an authorized dealer for Fiberbuilt Umbrellas. This company introduced the use of fiberglass for the rib structure of their product in 1998. They have grown to be the largest with the
highest quality umbrellas in the United States. This product has replaced many of the old designs using steel, aluminum and wood that did not perform to the level of a Fiberbuilt umbrella.

Furniture Leisure is an authorized dealer for DCI products. DCI acquired
Smokers Outpost product in 2001 and has made it a standard for collecting cigarette butts and keeping the environment clean from smokers waste. They make many trash collection products, such as trash cans, Smokers outpost and more. Made in the US this is another company we proudly sell for our clean environment utilize plastic molded products.

Furniture Leisure is an authorized dealer for
Dogipot Products. This company is dedicated to making pet waste removal products used by the public to pick up dog feces. The increased pet population makes collection of dog poop a necessary product. Many people have moved into apartment living with pets and require by law to pick up after their dog. Towns have installed pet waste stations, pet valets, and the poly pet station for this purpose. This is one of the most important products to literally keep the crap off your feet and reduce the spreading of disease.

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