Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sexy Benches

Most of the time benches are just there. When you are taking a walk on your favorite trail, going to your favorite restaurant or strolling down main street. You probably have walked by more benches in your life without paying them any attention.

The great thing about life is that once in a while you get a surprised. Sometimes surprises are good and make you take notice. Furniture Leisure sells commercial benches all over the country. Most uses are pretty mundane such as bus stops, walking trails, city streets, dog parks, and theme parks. Normally you see a bench we have sold and keep on going without much thought.

However, we received this picture of a bench we sold to somewhere USA. Don't know where it is or who she is but it caused us to take notice. We thank her for a moment of fun. People make life interesting. Next time you see a bench take a pose and send us your interesting pictures to add to our post.

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